Newsletter #1, January 2016

We are pleased to announce the formation of Books for Lesotho Inc. on 06 December 2015.

For many years the project to assist Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) in Lesotho to establish libraries in schools in that country has been conducted directly by David and Liz Linn. The project has grown and has the ability to grow further by opening to the wider community. Therefore, the decision was made to establish a new organisation to carry on the work. A constitution has been approved (you may request a copy) and a Board of Directors appointed.

The Board of Books for Lesotho Inc. comprises:

  • David Linn, Chairman – David has a long history in business and involvement with various NGO’s especially on the Board and as President of Australian Refugee Association Inc. He has links with supporting children in Lesotho dating from 1968. Since 2014 he has made about 14 visits to Lesotho.
  • Wayne Turner, Treasurer – Wayne has a finance background, works in the NGO sector and has been on the Board and as Treasurer of Australian Refugee Association Inc. for many years. Wayne is a strong advocate for Not for profit Boards and their organisations, and ensures they provide good governance and deliver quality services to the people in need.
  • Niav Andrews, Director – Niav completed a very successful Year 12 at Westminster School in 2015 and has secured a position at University of Adelaide for a double-degree in International Development and Law. She has significant experience in leadership and volunteering especially with CARA, supporting people with disabilities.
  • Elizabeth Linn, Director – Liz has extensive experience in education, especially at pre-school level. She is a volunteer with SPSA. Liz has links with supporting children in Lesotho dating from 1968 and since 2014 has made about 14 visits to Lesotho.
  • Peter Murchland, Director – Peter consults in IT enabled organisational change in the public, private and community sectors.  He also has extensive experience in strategy and governance with NGOs in human services.

The Board has applied to the ATO for  Income Tax exemption and Deductible Gift Recipient status (for tax-deductable donations). Promotional materials are being drafted including materials suitable for supporting book drives in schools. Books are already being sourced from schools in Melbourne and the intention is to extend this. A school district in USA is actively canvassing how to be involved in the project. This is a very exciting development. The Board will shortly seek sponsorship for the work.

In Lesotho, TRC is actively reviewing the in-country processes. Direct discussions will be held in March 2016 with TRC at about the time the 2015 shipment is being distributed to schools.

The challenge for the Board results from David and Liz still wondering whether the project can develop into “A Library in Every Primary School in Lesotho”!  As there are 2,500 Primary and 250 Secondary/High schools, meeting this dream will depend on ongoing and increased public support. We trust that you will continue to support “Books for Lesotho Inc.” Please ask if you have any questions.

The Board, Books For Lesotho Inc.