The books we send are intended to encourage a non-reader to pick up a book and want to start reading. The range of content across the books sent to each school encourages readers to advance to higher levels of reading and comprehension.

As the age range and reading levels can be very broad, we accept everything from baby books to picture books to novels aimed at teenagers to books for the teachers to read.

If you wish to help out by donating books, collect a box of new or used books (you can find more detailed information on the kinds of books we are looking for here). We need ones that you would be pleased to have in your home library or would loan to a friend (it costs us to throw away rubbish!). Books may be used, even well-used, but must be in good condition. New books are welcome.

All suitable books that are donated are delivered to schools in Lesotho. We do our best to find homes for any books unsuitable for the project through other organisations.

If delivering personally, please come to: 

The Barn, Gate 2, Springbank Secondary College

Daws Road, Pasadena SA 

Please freighting (by whatever means), address them to:

Books for Lesotho Inc.
8 Alma Street
PANORAMA South Australia 5041

You can also contribute towards the cost of getting your books to Lesotho. See how here.

Note: Books for Lesotho reserves the right to sell donated goods with any proceeds retained by the organisation, to donate unsuitable goods to a like-intentioned organisation, and to discard/recycle goods and/or materials for which no useful purpose can reasonably be found. We will always try to find a good use for donations.