Newsletter #11, September 2018


In the last Newsletter, Books for Lesotho appealed for help to cover the deficit for the financial year in which we shipped 25,776 books in 2 shipments to Lesotho. The “good” extra costs came because we shipped 12,504 more books than last year, while the “bad” costs were due to higher transport charges. 

Throughout the year, donors gave generously to achieve the final result for 2017/18: Donations $13,957; Expenses $14,632 – a pleasing result after several financial scares during the year. 

The Mitcham Exercise Group collected $1,192.15 over the 2017/18 financial year, mostly in small donations over the period. What a stupendous effort. 

The budget for 2018/19 is $15,029 (about 60c per book). We have already received 3 significant donations, including ongoing support from the Rotary Club of Mitcham. Thank you all for your support. 


Books for Lesotho receives books from many sources; private, charity and commercial second-hand bookshops, council libraries, schools and publishers Wiley Jacaranda and MacMillan. Thank you all – you are “too many” to list. We acknowledge especially the charity book outlets – Rotary Club of Mitcham and Glenside Lions. 



Ryan Casper and Anne Pechanek are on the staff at Ellsworth High School in Wisconsin, USA. They have supported a student undertaking her required school service project after she selected to collect and send books to Lesotho. The books have been shipped directly to Maliba Lodge for schools in their area – schools which are already part of the B4L scheme. Liz and I met Ryan and his wife Melinda when both couples were staying at Maliba Lodge – and here is the result!! 

Congratulations to Maya for a great project and a huge result. 
Below you can see Maya and Ryan with 28 boxes, and left, the loaded pallet.


Cynthia contacted B4L to check out an idea she had; to invite people attending Jasmine’s first birthday party to donate a book rather than give a gift. We encouraged her and have now received the donated books. Cynthia sent images (I could not bring myself to delete any) along with these words: 

I honestly believe that reading is one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that you can be. I volunteered in Ethiopia at a primary school in 2013 and nothing compares to the smiles on a child’s face when they read/are read their favourite book. Reading not only helps you become a better student, but a better person. Doing our bit to help establish a children’s library in Lesotho, just seemed like a wonderful thing to do for my first born’s first birthday. Margaret Fuller once said “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity. 

Thank you, Cynthia and Jasmine and your donors. The children in Lesotho will also say, “Thank you”. 


“Book Week at Elwood College was very successful this year. We had fun dressing up as book characters but we also wanted to use our Book Week to raise awareness about underprivileged young people in Lesotho. We organised and presented posters, placed donation boxes in the library and asked students and staff to bring any unwanted books from their home. Staff and students participated, donated books in excellent condition. It is with pleasure that I can report we collected 6 boxes with around 240 books. 

“We hope we can set a good example and encourage other schools to organise similar events. Hopefully all the books we’ve collected will be useful and relevant. We are looking forward to cooperating again with “Books for Lesotho” in near future. 

“Monia Ibralic (Librarian, Elwood College)” 


“The Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) through its Library in the Information and Communications Department donated books to selected 15 primary schools, 24 high schools and 1 community library found in Maseru, Mafeteng, Leribe, Botha-Bothe and Mokhotlong. This annual occasion was hosted at TRC premises on the 13th September 2018. 

“The project goal is to promote habitual readership culture and literacy amongst students through the establishment of mini libraries. This generous book donation project has been carried out successfully through the Books for Lesotho support. The books will be donated to schools for a five year period with the hope that it is sufficient for the schools to collect an adequate supply of books enabling them to attain the envisioned libraries. This year the TRC distributed 103 cartons of reading books to foster a love for reading. 

“Present at the distribution ceremony: Chairperson of the TRC Board, TRC Director and staff members, Principals from schools in TRC project sites, Teachers who will be in charge of libraries, Student representatives, a representative from African Library Project, and Media representatives. 

“The schools showed an understanding of the project vision; they expressed their views and perceptions and appreciated their roles to make it a success. Students were encouraged to develop a culture of reading and were excited to receive the books. 

“The schools also signed contracts making a commitment to ensure the project becomes a success. It was also agreed that a monitoring template will be developed to guide schools on the operation of a library, the impact and their progress. The schools will also undergo training to enhance their librarianship skills.” 

Contributor: Ms Likopo K. J Mokhele, Information Officer, TRC Information and Resource Centre Department 

Thank you Pasadena High School for your on-going support through the use of The Barn

David Linn
Chairman, Books for Lesotho Inc. 

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