Newsletter #26, June 2022


On 15 June 2022, B4L completed the packing of 3 pallets of books destined for a new partner in Lesotho, the Rotary Club of Mantsopa (RCoMan). Recognising that costs incurred at the border between South Africa and Lesotho might be a burden on this fairly new club, the B4L Board determined to add to the support by making a contribution towards these costs, maybe sufficient to cover them all!

The response from the Club? “Good morning David, We really appreciate what B4L is doing, we’re running out of words. Many thanks to B4L and to sponsors. Kind regards, Makhetha

The B4L Board also determined to provide further support to my “new discovery”, NewToro Books. The organisation was started by Retsepile Sello in Mokhotlong in NE Lesotho. It offers a subscription service to everyone in Lesotho.. 4 boxes of books destined for NewToro are on the water now with the shipment to Rotary Club of Maloti (RCoMal). Again ,recognising the costs incurred at the border between South Africa and Lesotho, the B4L Board determined to support NewToro by paying its share of those costs. Rets wrote: “Thank you so much David. My team and I are so grateful and excited and can’t wait to have and share the B4L books. Rets – NewToro Books”.


With the huge increase in costs hitting shipments to Lesotho, the 2021/22 budget has been exceeded by more than $1,500, but your generous donations have B4L almost meeting the expected costs for 2021/22. Thank you. 

The required amount has been achieved with the help of 2 Rotary Clubs, Hyde Park and Blackwood responding to our appeal for support to their fellow clubs in Lesotho. I also recognise the ongoing support with books and $s from St Peters Club. (B4L also receives books from Mitcham Rotary Bookshop.) 

Lions International clubs also have supported B4L; Glenside Club by the ongoing and significant supply of books, and Blackwood Club by way of a significant $ donation. 

There has been another challenge (and this it the “more good news” bit) – to meet the B4L Board’s edict that books could only be sent to a new partner, the Rotary Club of Mantsopa, provided extra funds were raised to cover this cost, now a huge $4,470 for 3 pallets, plus about $800 to cover in-country costs (as described above). These cost shas been covered by another generous donation from the Lang Foundation. 

Thank you to all the above and to the many, many other donors of books and dollars – it all makes up the whole!

BUDGET 2022/23

This is yet to be determined but will likely be about $25,000 compared with $16,429 for 2021/22. It does not look like an easy target. With any surplus from this year and the balance of the Lang Foundation donation, we will be off to a good start towards the target: by 31 December 2022, B4L will have collected, sorted, packed and shipped over 250,000 books for schools, institutions, and community libraries in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

To illustrate the change in costs: in 2007 B4L sent 4 pallets to Lesotho at a cost of $2,847. In April 2022 we sent 4 pallets at a cost of $5,890. Will it be more by December 2022?


As B4L has covered its costs for 2021/22, any donations received on or before 30 June 2022 will be receipted in this tax year but the funds will be used against next year’s costs. 


In June I reported “B4L urgently needs one or two new volunteers to help sort and/or pack books; must be available on a Wednesday morning (not necessarily every week!)”

Glenys Hamer answered the call and has settled in as a valued part of the team. Thanks Glenys, and welcome.

And due a change in his life plans, Callum Andrews is returning to help at The Barn very soon. Welcome back Callum.


Thank you everyone who has contributed in whatever way.

David Linn

Chairman, Books for Lesotho Inc.

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