Newsletter #32, December 2023




Books for Lesotho found this NGO, NewToro Books based in remote Mokhotlong, Lesotho…and B4L assisted  by donating books to supplement the loan collection. Now I see the NewToro Young Readers Club is in  operation, and below you will see it for yourself…what an inspiration! 

The town of Mokhotlong:: And then there are our friends, members of the Rotary Club of Maloti, who on Sunday 26 November 2023 took  part in the Walk for Hope Funwalk with a purpose: “We aim to support our communities by bringing hope to  the world”. Their message: “If you would like to improve lives of communities we live in, please join us.”

  They have crumbling roads, too! And a celebration at the end.. 

And what does the club do in association with B4L? Here is a recent Facebook posting: “Rotary Club of Maloti – 30 November 2023 

“Ernest Hemingway says there is no friend as loyal as a book…wrapping up this November our highlight is  definitely the distribution of 35 boxes of books to inspire young leaders. 

The following schools received books: Linakeng Primary, Linakaneng High school, Lesobeng Primary, Lesobeng  High school, Takalatsa Primary, Takalatsa High School, Mononong Primary School, Sehonghong Primary School. “Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or a duty, it should be offered as a gift.  “In Rotary we touch lives and improve the communities we live in.

Today a Reader tomorrow a Leader’” 

And then there are books for FOR “THE HUB”, IN MORIJA, LESOTHO I have known of The Hub for many years, even visiting a few years ago when it was at The Morija Musem. It is  a local self-sufficent organisation aimed at helping unemployed young people develop skills while enjoying  friendship. I see The Hub has moved and recently started constructing a new library building. Meanwhile, an  enterprising young person invoved with The Hub apporached B4L requesting books to supplement their library  (which has been mainly aimed at young people) and also to enable it to include the wider community of Morija.  B4L has included 3 boxes of books for The Hub in the shipment to Transformation Resource Centre which left The Barn on Monday 18 December 2023. This brought the total number of books sent to Lesotho to 296,026.

The Hub opening in 2015 (original site) The Hub in action today The new library under construction** **Images from The Hub’s Facebook pages

And the GOOD STORIES go on in Lesotho!!

BOOK DONORS in the past 3 months: 

Emmanuel College: Immanuel College Senior School Dr Kylie S Booker, Director of  Resources & Innovation, has, again, facilitated the donation of books to Books for  Lesotho from two sources, the annual Once Upon a Festival and the Immanuel Primary  School library. B4L thanks Kylie for her consistent support and thanks the various donors  of an excellent collection of books.  

Above: Kylie with Liz at the pickup of the donated books 

Seymour College, Reynella East College, East Adelaide PS, Concordia College,  Woodcroft PS, Coomandook Area School, St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School,  Woodend PS, Mylor PS, etc, etc I’m sorry if I missed your school! Plus Angaston and District Lions Bookshed, Glenside Lions Bookmart, Mitcham Rotary Bookshop.,  Mitcham Motor Garage and several private donations. We thank you ALL! 


As required by law, B4L had its AGM in November. The 7 dedicated members of the board all continue (one half of the directors must retire each year but can be re-elected). Donations from private, corporate and  organisational sources totalled $18,141.34 plus $525 which was for a special purpose with expenses being  $21,592.88. To maintain sending 14 pallets each year will likely cost B4L $22,353 in 2023/24.  

YOUR donation is needed! Donating is easy – see the end of this newsletter. Make it a Christmas present.


B4L acknowledges recent/ongoing help in various ways from: 

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited – disposal of paper and cardboard for recycling Visy – Boxes & More – makers of cartons and boxes – supplying 500 cartons (over 2 years suppy) Preschem Pty Ltd – Timber finishes and treatments – covering the cost of 500 cartons! Thank you; you help balance the budget. 


I trust the above reports warm your hearts and let you know what good work we are all doing for this wonderful  country, the “Kingdom in the Sky”.  

Thank you to everyone who supports this “nation building” project through donations of books, money and “in kind”. 

David Linn Chairman, Books for Lesotho Inc.

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